Event Ticket 6 August 2022 – Soil Health workshop


6 August 2022 – Soil Health workshop

Learn how anyone can make their own compost and fertiliser to boost soil health.

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You are personally invited to our homestead! Learn how anyone can make their own compost and fertiliser to boost soil health.

Date: 6 August 2022
Venue: Green Life Sanctuary, Tarlton, Gauteng

Miss it and you lose out… this was one of the first mistakes we made years back when we first got started. Get your soil right without relying on expensive and poisonous inputs. Whether you grow your plants and vegetables in containers on a balcony, a garden or a farm, you will benefit from proper planning.

For a fantastic season you need to start planning now if you haven’t already. Now is the time to start preparing for spring and summer. Spring is knocking and you need to start taking advantage by gathering what nature provides to feed your ground this growing season.

In this workshop we take you through soil health, different types of composting, protecting your ground and making sure your ground is ready for this round of planting.

We will cover:
– what you need to aim for regarding soil health
– making your own soil food
– composting methods
– biochar
– worm compost
– proper mulching methods
– green manure
and more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get things on the right track.

Book now and get a free gift worth R250.

Wayne and Flo Adams from Green Life Sanctuary (GLS) will host the event. GLS Farm practices Permaculture and natural farming methods, ethics and principles. The farm is PGS Organically certified.

You will have the opportunity to gain practical experience, take notes, network, meet new friends, ask questions around natural and chemical free farming, and have a fantastic day out in the fresh air.

Tea/coffee, lunch (with vegetarian options), and a gift pack worth R250 for each person is included.

Tickets are R500 per person. Bring your significant other, friend or gardener and ask us for a 10% discount voucher on your tickets.

Our shop will also be open at the end of the day for:

> freshly harvested seasonal veg (when available),
> plants and seedlings,
> bottling and fermenting equipment,
> seeds and more

We accept cash and card.

Please note: We do not provide printed materials. Beside taking notes, you will be invited a private group linked to this event where you will get all your recipes and tips & tricks. In addition, you can discuss your challenges any time after the event.


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